Content Marketing for Authors

Are you a writer who has just realised with horror that they need to market themselves on top of writing all those novels?

We’ve all been there and it’s not a pleasant realisation. It’s a sad fact that you have to spend almost as much time on your marketing and promoting your ‘brand’ as you do writing your novels.

“But I’m a fiction writer and have zero interest in marketing”

I get it. It’s not why you became a writer. You want to work full-time on building worlds, piecing together plotlines and crafting characters that make your readers weep – all that good stuff.

And let’s face it, who the hell has time to blog all the time on top of all that? If you’ve got a full-time job too, or kids, or both…good luck with the lack of sleep you’re bound to get if you become a marketing machine too.

The problem is, you’ve got a hell of a lot of competition out there. Everyone wants to be a writer these days. They’ve all got a novel inside their head. While only a select few will actually get that novel onto paper, there’s still a huge number who do. Now, I’m not one for suggesting that other writers are the enemy. Even calling them the competition isn’t totally accurate. We’re all in this together.

But the fact is, you do need to stand out and marketing is the best way you can do this.

Why you need to market yourself as well as your novels

Gone are the days where you could shout out about your brand new novel and people would take notice.

You have to market yourself as much as your work. But why?

  • You become recognisable, familiar – people need to know who you are
  • You can promote your work organically – no bombardment needed
  • Taking responsibility for your marketing is attractive to agents and publishers

If you’re looking to get traditionally published and sign an agent, it looks so much better if you’re already marketing yourself. It’s one less job for them. This might come as a shock, but most publishing houses do not have the budget or the time to go chasing new readers for your novel. It’s up to you.

Hopefully I haven’t scared you to death. There is a solution – content marketing for authors.

A content marketing for authors service

The good news is, there are other writers out there that specialise in writing the kind of content you need to market yourself. You could go full whack and hire a digital marketing agency but unless you’ve got the cash to splash, that simply isn’t an option. A cost-effective solution is to hire a freelance writer instead.

A freelance writer can:

  • Create blog posts for your website – think blog posts about your preferred genre, reading lists, book reviews, writing process, writing tips and so on
  • Write website copy – including the dreaded author bio
  • Write newsletters to send to your audience – to keep your audience up to date and promote your blog
  • Manage your social media accounts – you can finally pry yourself away from Twitter to actually get some writing done

There are lots of freelance writers out there to choose from. But – who better to hire as your content marketing writer than someone who understands the whole novel writing process? (Say a fellow fiction writer *wink wink*)

How I can help

If you’re new to this website, and for some reason haven’t read the URL or site title, my name is Kara and I’m a fiction and freelance writer.

In my fiction world, I’m a fantasy writer who loves blogging about worldbuilding. In real life, I’m a freelance copywriter, blogger and social media manager who helps businesses get their message across to their audience.

It might be weird to think of yourself as a ‘business’, but this thinking is key to good marketing. If you hate the idea of marketing, or struggle with the business side of writing, then that’s what people like me are for.

content marketing for authors

My content marketing services include:

  • Writing regular blog posts for your website (in your voice)
  • Building content pages for your brand new site (I can even set up a basic website for you if you don’t know where to start)
  • Managing social media accounts for you and interacting in online writing communities on your behalf

Interested in my content marketing for authors service?

Great! Feel free to get in contact for a chat or a quote by filling in a form below. Just tell me a little about your needs and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you want to learn more about my freelance writing services in general, feel free to visit my copywriting website: www.copplecopy.comĀ 


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