Hi, I’m Kara.

Welcome to my blog! I’m a 20-something fiction writer and freelance writer. 

On this website, I share my experiences and tips I’ve picked up about fiction writing, particularly in the fantasy genre – as well as a few other topics.

I want to help other writers create immersive and believable worlds in their writing. 

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Recent Blog Posts

How to Keep Track of 101 Characters in Your Novel

For some reason, a lot of fantasy writers can’t help themselves when it comes to creating characters. The more the merrier, you might say. However, to keep track of characters isn't easy at the best of times, and more so when you've got lots of them. I can’t count how...

Can You Really Write Whatever You Want in Fantasy?

“It's easy to write because write whatever you want in fantasy" “Fantasy is stupid because anything can happen.” “Fantasy is for kids so it doesn’t have to make sense.” Ever heard any of those before? I know I have. Let’s all take a moment to sigh. I understand that...