Kara Copple

Fantasy Writer & Blogger

About Me

Hallo! My name is Kara, I am a fantasy writer and world building enthusiast. 

My oldest writing memory is a definitely-not-awful poem about an Ancient Egyptian’s mummy travelling to the afterlife. I was a strange six year old. 

I mostly write fantasy and I think the love of it started right back when I was six years old learning about Ancient Egypt, a civilisation that was just so different, so unique, it couldn’t possibly be from the same world as me.

Learning about the Egyptians allowed me to escape into my own little world, to imagine what life must have been like for them. Escaping into that world for a few minutes either by writing or dreaming was amazing.

What’s this got to do with fantasy writing?

Well that’s what the fantasy genre does for me. It allows me to escape into a world far more interesting than this one. A world where anything is possible.

My aim is to recreate that for someone else with my work.

I’m currently working on a fantasy series, set in a world I’ve created. Here I’ll be blogging about fantasy fiction, world building, my process and what I find helpful/struggle with.

If you’re a fellow fantasy writer or reader, head over to my blog where hopefully you’ll find something of interest or help. Feel free to get in touch for a chat about all things fantasy.